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Karen Wolfram, RMT

Karen Wolfram

a bit about me

Born in cottage country Ontario and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, my back yard was always the great outdoors! I loved the sounds and smells of nature and it always brought a sense of calmness, no matter what I was doing. I chose Massage Therapy to stay connected to the calm. I use an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology to educate clients about their body and carefully listen to meet the needs of each individual. My style combines clinically based deep tissue, myofascial techniques, and stretching to calm, reset, and relax the body. Flowing movement and specific work is also incorporated to aid in the body’s natural healing process and reconnect the client as a whole. My work can also benefit prenatal clients, athletes, chronic pain and migraine sufferers, and anyone seeking overall wellness of being. I am a graduate of ACMT and continually seek training and knowledge to expand my scope of practice.